MKMMA Week 24

        The Truth               1


What amazing journey for self discovery and obtaining knowledge that last forever.  Connecting with others sharing the same thoughts and ideas in Master Key Master Mind Alliance is invaluable. The final lesson of this course carries a feeling of a new beginning, a new life with confidence and no limitations.

We have learned that, you can get out of life exactly what you wish, by FIRST putting into life that which you wish. The fruit of this knowledge is a gift of the Gods, the “truth” that makes us free not only from lack and limitation, but free from sorrow, worry and care and this law is not respecter of persons, it makes not difference what your habit or thought may be. In order to express harmony, you must think harmony, in order to express health you must think health and in order to express abundance you must think abundance.  When you come to know that every form of disease, sickness, lack and limitation are simply the result of wrong thinking, you will have come to know “The Truth” which shell make you free. You will see how mountains of doubt, fear, distrust or other forms of discouragement not only may be removed, but be cast into the sea. Your real work is convincing your self of the truth of these statements. When you have succeeded in doing this, you will have no difficulty in thinking the truth, which contains a vital principle and will manifest itself. Disease and lack are mental conditions in which the person fails to perceive the truth. As soon the error is removed, the condition is also removed and the method of this is to go into the Silence and know the Truth. As all mind is one mind, you can do this for yourself or anyone else. You can create mental images of the conditions desired, which will be the easiest and quickest way to secure results, if not, results can be accomplished by arguments, by convincing yourself absolutely of the truth which you desire to see manifested.

The Truth is the highest rate of vibration known and consequently destroys every form or error in exactly the same way that light destroys darkness. No errors can exist, when the “Truth” appears, so your entire mental work is coming into an understanding of the Truth, which will enable you to overcome every form of lack, limitation or disease of any kind.

The absolute truth is that the “I” is perfect and complete; the real “I” is spiritual and can therefore never be less than perfect, it can never have any lack, limitation and disease. The only activity, which the spirit possesses, is the power to think. Though must be creative, because spirit is creative. This creative power is impersonal and your ability to think is your ability to control it and make use of it for benefit of yourself and others.


MKMMA Week 23

Spirit is the Real Thing        spiritual power


What I have learned this week- the law of success is service, we get what we give and we should consider as a great privilege to be able to give.

The though is creative activity behind every constructive enterprise, therefore we can give nothing of more practical value, than our thought.

Creative thought requires attention. The attention develops concentration and concentration develops Spiritual Power, which is the mightiest force in existence. This is the science that embraces all sciences and the art in human life for unending progression. Perfection in this is not acquired in a few days, weeks or mounts. It is the labour of life.

Entertainment of positive, constructive and unselfish thoughts should have a far-reaching effect for good. Compensation is the keynote of the universe, as nature is constantly seeking to strike equilibrium. Where something is sent out, something must be received.

The money consciousness is an attitude of mind and open door to the arteries of commerce. We make money by making friends, and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them, by helping them and being of service to them. You can make a money magnet of yourself, but to do so, you must first consider how you can make money for other people. What benefit one, must benefit all. A generous thought is filled with strength and vitality, a selfish thought contains the germs of dissolution.

If we recognize the Omnipotent power that is the source of all supply, we will adjust our consciousness to this supply in the way that it will constantly attract all that is necessary to it and we shall find, that the more we give, the more we get. Giving in this sense implies service.

The average person is entirely innocent of any deep thinking and accepts the ideas of others. Creative thinking requires attention. The power of attention is called concentration and this power is directed by the will. For this reason, we must refuse to think of anything except the things we desire. When we meet with success, gain or any other desirable condition, we naturally concentrate upon the effects of these things and thereby create more and so it follows, that much leads to more.

Spirit is the Real Thing, the Whole Thing and the Matter is the plastic stuff, which Spirit is able to create, mould, manipulate and fashion to its will.

MKMMA Week 22A

The Tools                       tools2

This week I have stepped back and have revised the “Tools Box” that Mark J gave us as an example to think and commenting for a few weeks.

The idea behind this “Tools Box” is how to use the negative feelings of fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness as a tool to advance to our purpose.

The first consideration I had was that these are negative feelings that hold us back and holding them in our mind will create undesirable conditions. Because of this is better to recognize and avoid them in the same way of keeping our “Mental house” clean and taking a “Mental diet”.

After attending the seminar, reading and replying again I realized how I was wrong.

I am so grateful for this, because made me think “Do I pursue what I want, or do I do what`s comfortable?” I have learned that the components of The Comfort Zone are exactly the same like The Tools – fear, guilt, hurt feelings, unworthiness and anger. Avoiding them ensures comfort, exactly like I behave.

When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Using the Universal laws of substitution and the dual thought, we can turn these negative feelings that carry huge energy in power tools and using this energy for good. Mental labor is needed for this and embracing gratitude in changing the way we looked on that feelings.

When we feel fear, the positive outcome is increasing our concentration and focus to do our best, absorb and process information, convert thoughts in action.

The Hurt feelings is a reminder how much we care and recognize what we love, focus on what we want, not on what we do not want.

Anger is as massive energy and when we experience it, we have to be an observer, as it carries huge energy to change. Using the law of substitution we can use this energy to fulfill what we want. When we don’t feel anger any more, the energy is still going.

Guilt is anger directed to ourselves, and as we know the anger carries energy to change. Good people feel bad when they do something bad, bad people feel good. Guilt shows, that our spiritual compass works. We can use this feeling to fix our mistakes, focus on changes and efforts what to change.

Unworthiness – we have to change the way of looked it. It is noting to do with worthies, it is about time. We can anything we want, but just we can`t have everything we want and complete in the time we have. It warns us we are getting off track and instantly puts us back on the path of our dharma.

Taking the Hero Journey we have powerful tools available, and when we have understood how to use them properly, this will speed our transformation and recognition of the Hero we are building in our self or we already have it?

MKMMA Week 22

The Value of the Knowledge       knowlwdge


We have learned I this week that the life processes are carried on by two distinct methods -first the taking up and making use of nutritive materials necessary for constructing cells, which is constructive activity; second breaking down and excreting the waste materials which is destructive activity. Food, water and air are not the only requisites for the construction of cells; these are secondary manifestation to life.

All life is based upon these constructive and destructive activities and the second one – destructive activity is the cause of all disease. The waste material accumulates and saturates the tissues, which causes autointoxication.

It is important before the healing the disease, to increase the inflow and distribution of vital energy throughout the system by eliminating thoughts of fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred and every other destructive thought.

If the state of our health is not all that could be desired, let us examine out method of thinking. Every though produces an impression on the mind and every impression is a seed which will sink into the subconscious and form a tendency to attract other similar thoughts. Before we know it, we shell have a crop which must be harvest. If our thoughts contain disease germs, the harvest will be sickness, decay, weakness and failure.

What we are thinking, what we are creating – what is the harvest to be.

Every mental action is a vibration that immediately modifies every atom in the body. Every life cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of life cells.

Change the rate of vibration and you change the nature, quality and form.

If there is any physical condition which it is necessary to change, the law governing visualization will be found effective.

Make a mental image of physical perfection; hold it in the mind, until it is absorbed by the consciousness.

Knowledge is of priceless value, because by applying knowledge, we can make our future what we wish it to be.

MKMMA Week 21

You Can Think Big      victory


We have learned this week, that the ability to think big is to get consciousness of power. This can happen when we realise our unity with the Universal mind and free ourselves from conditions and limitations. As soon we become conscious of this power in the world within, we begin to draw on this power and apply and develop great possibilities.

What we become conscious of, is manifested in the objective world in tangible expression. Our ability to think is our ability to act upon the Universal Substance and what we think is created and produces in the objective world.

To become conscious of this power is to become a “live wire”. When individual mind touches the Universal Mind which is the live wire, it receives all power it requires – this is the world within. The more conscious we become of our unity with the source of all power, the greater will be our power to control and master every condition.

Large ideas have a tendency to eliminate all smaller ideas, so is better to hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all undesirable tendencies.

Increasing your mental capacity, you are placing yourself in position to accomplish something of value and this is one of the secret of success and methods of organizing victory.

MKMMA Week 20

Recognition of Our Spirit     images (1)

This week MKMM lesson is so powerful. What I have learned: the spirit of me is me and without the spirit I would be nothing, but it become active through my recognition of it and its possibilities.

20.3 All great things come through recognition; the scepter of power is consciousness and thought is its messenger; and this messenger is constantly molding the realities of the invisible world into conditions and environments of your objective world.

Thinking is the true business of life; power is the result and the secret of power is understanding of the principles, forces, methods and combinations of Mind and relationship to the Universal Mind.

When we begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within ourselves – is you, is me – we begin to do things and feel our power. This is the fuel that fires the imagination and light the torch of inspiration, which gives vitality to thought an enables us to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe.

Perception will come only in Silence and imagination is our workshop to visualize our ideal.

Inspiration is the art of receiving. Our business in life is to understand and command these invisible forces, instead of letting them command and rule us.

We can live more abundantly every time we breathe, if we consciously breathe with that intention. In order to secure the larger supply, our demand must be increased.

MKMMA Week 19

We are in continuing         images


What I have learned in week 19 is that we are in the presence of continual change and this change is the evolution of the Universal Mind. All things are continually being created anew and that matter is a form which Mind takes. It`s simply a condition. Matter has no principle; the Mind is the only principle and is operative in the physical, mental, moral and spiritual world. This mind is static and the ability of the individual to think is the ability to act upon the universal mind and convert it into dynamic mind, or mind in motion. Thought is the vital force or energy which is being developed and which has produced such startling results in the last half century as to bring about a world which would be absolutely inconceivable to people existing only 50 or 25 years ago. What can be expected in another 50 years?

The substance from which all things are created is infinite in quantity and universally present. How it manifest in form? In electricity science a battery is formed by connecting the opposite poles of zinc and cooper, which causes a current to flow from one to the other and provides energy. This same process is repeated in respect to every polarity and depends upon the rate of vibration and consequent relations of atoms to each other. If we wish to change the form of manifestation, we must change the polarity.

Thought constantly, eternally is taking form. If our thought is powerful, constructive and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of our health, business and environment. If our though is week, critical, destructive and negative generally, it will manifest in our body as fear, worry and nervousness, in finance as lack and limitation and in discordant condition in our environment.

Fear is a powerful form of thought that paralyzes the nerve, centers, affecting the circulation of blood. This in turn paralyzes the muscular system, so that fear affects entire being, body, brain and nerve, physical, mental and muscular. The way to overcome fear is to change the polarity – to become conscious of power, which is the mysterious and vital force. It is our privilege to choose what thought we can entertain and what condition in our life we will experience.

I have already made my choice. I have learned from Mark J a daily two minutes exercise. I raise my arms and greet my day with a smile. My body releases hormones that cause fear and teaches my brain how to behave confident and happy. Do you think you can also try this? Just do it and see the difference with a smile!